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Guide to Road Trip Safety Tips

Is having a road trip part of your next vacation? Then, expect your car to turn into a mobile room. It is vital that you childproof it properly. This may take a bit of time, so it is better to start planning a few days before the trip. Check out the following tips below: Have a car tune-up. For smooth traveling (not to mention overall peace of mind), make sure that your vehicle is in working properly. Have the tires, air conditioner, battery, fluids and belts examined by a professional mechanic. If you are planning to drive in a hot climate or tow a trailer, you need a motor oil with an increased viscosity. Make sure if your car seats or booster seats are installed correctly. Eight out of 10 car owners are actually putting their kids at risk for injury or even death due to incorrect unit installation. Call the expert for a safety seat inspection. Check your backseat. Are the child safety locks activated on the doors and windows within easy reach of active hands? Get rid of any harmful substances from the backseat such as the washer fluid. Then, scour around for choking hazards including loose change in between the seat cushions and knobs that can easily pop off. Also, clear away potential projectiles such as toys, books, etc. Be sun smart and use a sunshade for your backseat. Cover the seats with blankets when you leave your car to avoid getting them extremely hot and burn the tender skin of a baby. Also, perform a touch test before letting the little passengers go in. It is not smart to leave children alone in the vehicle. The interior of a parked automobile can get to deadly temperatures within a few seconds especially if the temperature outside is 80 degrees.


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